Fraud & Theft

At SKM Forensics we have extensive experience in dealing with diverse and often sensitive cases involving various forms of fraud and theft, having spent over 30 years in this area. While applying this knowledge of these investigations, our experts are devoted to the thoughtful consideration of your specific needs and are here to help provide the answers you require.

We can help with your Fraud & Theft Investigation

  • Corporations

    With over 30 years’ experience investigating allegations of internal fraud and theft within corporations, the investigators at SKM Forensics are aware that these incidents provide unique challenges for the corporation that not only result in financial losses but can also have a detrimental effect upon staff morale and productivity. With this in mind, our focus is centred around meeting with key people and establishing the nature of the occurrence, devising an effective investigative strategy and communicating with you throughout the process.

  • Law Firms

    An investigation completed by SKM Forensics will be thorough, timely and cost effective. Critical components such as evidence gathering, witness interviews and surveillance practices are compliant with all regulatory requirements where applicable and sensitive to yours and your client’s needs.

  • Individuals

    The investigators at SKM Forensics have assisted many individuals who have been a victim of fraud and theft. Most commonly, we have assisted individuals in cases involving identity theft and breach of trust relating to wills and estates. Our team will assist you each step of the way, gathering the necessary evidence to provide you with the answers you require.

  • Not-for-Profits

    Familiar with the unique and often times difficult circumstances associated with alleged instances of the misappropriation of funds and breaches of trust within Not-for-Profit or charitable organizations, the investigators at SKM Forensics are mindful of the sensitivity required and the need to provide on-going communication to ensure you are well informed.

  • Government / Public Institutions

    Having worked extensively with government and other public institutions our investigators at SKM Forensics have experience with allegations of secret commissions, alleged fraud, theft and breach of trust involving elected and unelected officials. It is understood that investigations of this nature are typically very sensitive, requiring a high degree of professionalism together with timely and effective communication skills.

To get started, tell us about your problem

To find out how SKM Forensics can help you with a Fraud & Theft Investigation, please contact us directly, or submit a form with a few details of your problem. We know your privacy is important, so all we ask for is an email address where we can contact you.

Once your form is submitted, please expect a response from one of our investigators within 1 business day.

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