Computer Forensic

Our team of collaborating investigators and computer specialists, have extensive experience in cases requiring the tactical use of computer forensics. Our professionals will look after your needs with a dedicated attention to detail and efficiency.

We can help with Computer Forensics Investigations

  • Corporations

    The corporate community is experiencing higher incidents of computer related crime, such as the theft of intellectual property, corporate fraud, compromising emails which lead to fraudulent transactions and the compromising of internal systems. These and other incidents can represent substantial financial losses to your company. SKM Forensics can, through its associates, provide you with the expertise necessary to effectively investigate these occurrences and make recommendations to prevent them in the future.

  • Law Firms

    Expert computer forensic services can prove to be invaluable to the integrity of ongoing investigations that typically involve the use of computers, cell phones, and email. Through our associates, SKM Forensics has the ability to properly collect and analyze evidence in a manner that meet or exceed industry and legal standards.

  • Individuals

    It seems that every day you hear about another instance of computer hacking that poses potential threats to your personal privacy. Through our associates SKM Forensics can seamlessly provide you with the necessary expert assistance if you have been victimized and tips to prevent the occurence of similar events in the future.

  • Not-for-Profits

    It is not uncommon for perpetrators of fraud within a not-for-profit organization to erase incriminating email communications and other documentation. Our computer forensics partners can seamlessly provide the necessary expertise to recover these documents and assist in other related segments in the investigation.

  • Government / Public Institutions

    Government agencies are the repository of extensive personal and sensitive information which can be the target of foreign or domestic hacking activity. At SKM Forensics, our computer forensics associates can provide you with the expertise and connections in the global marketplace that provide you with the answers you require.

To get started, tell us about your problem

To find out how SKM Forensics can help you with your Computer Forensic requirements, please contact us directly, or submit a form with a few details of your problem. We know your privacy is important, so all we ask for is an email address where we can contact you.

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