Surveillance &
Background Checks

At SKM Forensics we are, through our affiliated partners, able to provide comprehensive background checks as well as the most sophisticated surveillance program in the industry.

We can help with your Surveillance and Background Checks

  • Corporations

    It is highly recommended that a comprehensive background check be included into your corporation’s hiring procedures. This will provide those making hiring decisions with more complete and accurate information about a potential candidate. Conversely, requiring a candidate to undergo a background investigation may discourage those with a criminal past from infiltrating your organization, potentially exposing the company to risk of theft or related criminal activity. This is a small investment that takes very little time but will reduce the probability of the corporation being the victim of a repeat offender.

  • Law Firms

    Most investigative assignments start with background inquiries of all potential suspects and other persons of interest. Through our affiliations, SKM Forensics can conduct these inquiries in a thorough and comprehensive manner. However, sometimes examining records or conducting interviews does not provide the required evidence. In instances such as these, SKM Forensics is able to provide immediate and comprehensive surveillance services when required to complement the collection of evidence and strengthen the investigation.

  • Individuals

    Do you need further information about a particular individual? Surveillance could be an effective strategy through the use of our affliliated teams of former police officers from Toronto Police Service, RCMP, OPP, York Regional Police and Peel Regional Police. These officers have all received extensive training and have years of experience in high level covert and intelligence gathering operations.

  • Not-For-Profits

    Not-For-Profit organizations could significantly benefit from conducting background investigations. Since most NFPs rely upon public or donated funds, any indication of impropriety on the part of the organization can have devastating consequences. It is recommended that background inquiries be conducted prior to hiring key personnel to ensure there is nothing in the candidate’s past that might impact their suitability for the position. Additionally, it is sometimes prudent to conduct a background investigation into new contractors providing services to the NFP. This is a relatively low-cost service that can be provided in a timely manner and in accordance to your specific needs.

To get started, tell us about your problem

To find out how SKM Forensics can help you with your Surveillance needs and/or Background Checks, please contact us directly, or submit a form with a few details of your problem. We know your privacy is important, so all we ask for is an email address where we can contact you.

Once your form is submitted, please expect a response from one of our investigators within 1 business day.

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