Forensic Accounting

At SKM Forensics we provide expert forensic accounting services, having spent over 30 years in this area. Our associate professionals will look after your needs in a thorough, sensitive and efficient manner.

We can help with your Forensic Accounting investigation

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    Collaborating in concert with investigators, our forensic accountants at SKM Forensics provide your company with professional and seamless services where allegations of fraud and theft involve the analysis and understanding of complex financial information. These skill sets are employed when preparing calculations of income loss for our insurance industry clients or when investigating alleged fraudulent activity against the corporate community.

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    Law Firms

    The expert forensic accountants at SKM Forensics have extensive experience working with the legal profession in litigation support or other investigative capacities. They will take the time to understand yours and your client’s needs with respect to the identification and collection of essential financial evidence, devise an effective investigative strategy and prepare an expert report that meets with your requirements.

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    Applying their diverse knowledge of complex financial transactions to allegations of breaches of trust in relation to wills and estates, powers of attorney and other instances where a misappropriation of funds may have occurred, our forensic accountants will work to meet the needs of individual clients.

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    Having engaged in investigations of alleged theft or the misappropriation funds the forensic accountants at SKM Forensics have dealt with various cases involving Not-For-Profit or Charitable organizations. We are sensitive to the unique characteristics of these engagements and the needs of our clients in these difficult circumstances.

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    Government / Public Institutions

    Forensic accountants at SKM Forensics have worked with government agencies to evaluate internal policies and procedures and to make recommendations for improvements. As well, we have worked hand-in-hand with municipal and provincial policing agencies assisting them with the investigation of alleged fraud, theft and related criminal code offenses.

To get started, tell us about your problem

To find out how SKM Forensics can help you with a Forensic Accounting Investigation, please contact us directly, or submit a form with a few details your problem. We know your privacy is important, so all we ask for is an email address where we can contact you.

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